Full Stack AI Innovation Squad Model

Dynam.AI delivers high-quality solutions at the requisite scale and speed through its Squad Model. A squad is a flexibly-resourced team working towards scientific and business objectives. A typical Core Squad begins with a Engagement Manager, Lead Scientist, and two Support Scientists, and can scale up from there.

The squad is supported by specialized engineering roles like DevOps and Architects, and business resources like Strategists and Product Experts.  The combination of a Core Squad and Scalable Resources gives clients effective teams and greater control over outcomes and their investment.

Diana Shapiro

Chief Executive Officer

Dimitry Fisher

Chief Scientific Officer

Josh Jacobson

Chief Technology Officer

Natalia Trifonova

AI Data Scientist

Yang Zhong

Data Scientist

Johnathan Skeete

Machine Learning Software Architect

David Fisher

Machine Learning Intern

Mike Luther

Chief Finance Officer

Andreas Roell

Co-Founder & Chairman

Navid Alipour

Co-Founder & Board Member

Homa Karimabadi

Co-Founder & Board Member

Ari Saul

Human Resources Director

Dale Brown

Advisory Board Member

Mike Shambach

Advisory Board Member

Stath Karras

Advisory Board Member

Michael J. Sikorsky

Advisory Board Member

Juergen Stark

Advisory Board Member

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