Reliable image detection and real-time execution of multiple deep learning models.


Data capture and labeling, deep learning and model design, data pipeline, user interface, factory deployment


Quality control, safety and security, item classification, and logistics.

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The Background

As a pioneer in business strategy since 1963, BCG is a leader in management consulting as well as technology and design, digital ventures, and business purpose.

Areas of Focus

BCG chose to tap the data science expertise of Dynam.AI to build factory safety solutions that leverage computer vision to automatically detect unsafe situations and behavior. This represents a paradigm shift for BCG customers who are reactive rather than proactive. Complex visual environments on the factory floor (very dark to bright light) pose challenging computer vision problems.

Identification of
Dangerous Scenarios

Real-time Tracking

Life Saving Factory
Safety Alerts

The Challenge

Our Approach

Our team was able to use a multidisciplinary approach to define a system for reliable image detection across various locations on the factory floor at various times of day. In addition, we were able to create, test and deploy a solution that enables real-time execution of multiple deep learning models.


Targeted Data

Deep Learning
Model Design

Real-time Pipeline
and Model


On-premise Deployment at

The Solution

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