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Delivering the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Dynam.AI’s suite of artificial intelligence solutions are easy to use out-of-the-box and are custom tailored to each individual client’s needs. Our end-to-end AI enabled platforms speed time to delivery, save costs, reduce risk, and deliver optimized results to give you an immediate competitive advantage and bolster your bottom line.

Solutions Offered

After years of research and development by our team of experts, Dynam.AI is proud to present our suite of proprietary platforms focused on detection & analysis, prediction & forecasting, and yield optimization. Applicable across a wide range of industries and powered by state of the art AI technology, each of these three platforms addresses a key area where businesses can utilize AI to drive growth and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Whether you are just beginning to contemplate how to take advantage of artificial intelligence in your organization, or you have a specific plan in mind and are looking to execute, our solutions are designed to enable companies at any level of expertise with the streamlined ability to harness the power of industry-leading AI.

Our AI enabled products focus on the following areas:

Leverage video and still images to achieve pinpoint detection and analysis capabilities that empower you to remedy future issues long before they impact your business.  Are equipment failures and maintenance costing you time, money, and customer satisfaction? Do you operate a vehicle fleet as a core part of your business? Or perhaps you are in charge of health and safety at a public institution. Our detection algorithm can help you identify and remedy equipment maintenance needs or high-risk behaviors in time to avert a crisis.


Utilize data sets to gain access to industry-leading prediction and forecasting capabilities that drive significant cost savings and unlock opportunities for high revenue growth.  Gain the insights needed to react to changes in your business’ landscape before those changes even happen. When success is dependent on your ability to accurately forecast things like the price of raw materials, consumer demand, or availability of skilled labor, our prediction & forecasting models can help raise your bottom line.


Achieve optimal resource allocation and maximize procedural efficiencies via our AI enabled yield optimization platform. Optimization is all about matching a need with the critical time, place, price, feature set, resources, or any combination of these. Our optimization model analyzes multiple streams of data over time in order to pinpoint the most ideal scenario, whether you are managing a utility grid, or a stock portfolio, or choosing the location and design of the next tallest building in the world.


Artificial Intelligence sky is the limit

What our customers are saying…

“Working with Dynam.AI has enabled Empyr to tap into industry-proven AI algorithms and expertise from a deep bench of data scientists. Leveraging Dynam.AI’s recommendation engine tailored to our needs allows us to offer a superior product to our customers in a fast and efficient way.”


-Jon Carder, CEO of Empyr

AI Experts

What the experts are saying about AI…

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