Computer Vision

GBA Automates Bridge Inspections
With AI-Enabled Drones

The Problem: Optimizing Bridge Inspection Processes

With more than 47,000 structurally deficient bridges in the U.S. alone, standard practices for bridge inspection are costly due to the required expenditures on traffic control and other personnel, not to mention the hazards created for drivers, road workers, and inspectors.  Dynam.AI customer GBA uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones to optimize the data collection, but until they partnered with us to take advantage of our advanced computer vision algorithms and models, analysis of the captured images was a manual, time-consuming process.

Computer vision data pipeline solution

Solution: A Comprehensive AI-Driven Data Pipeline

Dynam.AI delivered an AI-driven full data pipeline solution from hardware design and data capture to data preparation to algorithm design to user interface. This included automated drone flight paths and targeted data capture, data reconstruction, and generation of synthetic data when not enough labeled data was available. Physics-based data visualization and modeling was utilized for a more precise understanding of potential defect areas. Finally, the information was presented in an easy to understand user interface resulting in a fully automated bridge inspection process.

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