Creating Business Data Value with AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the future of value-added chain operations and optimizing work processes. Machine learning uses add another layer of Artificial Intelligence to change the way businesses operate and use their data. Business data creates value for companies, and most companies are sitting on a large mountain of data, but the biggest problem these companies face is not knowing exactly what to do with their data. They simply have too much of it and aren’t doing anything with it because they don’t exactly know where to begin. Large amounts of data just sit there, stored, wasting space, and are waiting for someone to come along, mine it, and knock the dust off to find the diamond.

Businesses can create value by connecting AI to data platforms and use machine learning to engage systems to speak to each other by passing information along to harvest trends and expose data patterns. These patterns can be used to create value with customers and increase economic performance.

A recent case study on the application of artificial intelligence in the Healthcare Industry is the increase in hospital investments. Patient data can be accumulated, processed, translated, and dispersed in short periods of time, quicker than human computing. Last year, Mayo Clinic invested in a partnership with technology startup Tempus to use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to analyze cancer patients and develop personalized care for more patients. Understanding mutations can allow doctors to recommend specific medications to patients.  Mayo Clinic also partnered up with medical device maker AliveCor to monitor patients for stroke indicators including cardiac arrhythmia. Preventive care includes assessing machine learning indicators to detect and prevent life-threatening illness. Hospitals are working with patients to provide transactional uploading of individual data to track and measure patient vitals and provide recommendations for improved treatment. This is the road to human-influenced AI technology.

Dynam.AI Case Study

See the Dynam.AI case study on hospital re-admissions.


Most companies want to be innovative and with their data produced, already funneling through, companies just need some support to understand for what purpose to use it. Most companies use software to aggregate data and provide findings and reports, but in many instances, that’s where the data train ends. Work with a trusted AI partner to go further with data mining and explore using algorithms to convert more customers and enable your teams to provide customer service while allowing the technology to do the work. Imagine how a sales team could focus on closing the deals, what they prefer, instead of harvesting cold leads. Imagine how doctors could focus on best treatment once clearly diagnosing the root cause of sickness and imagine how CEO’s could focus on community relationships because they knew their teams were handling the crisis at the office. Prediction is key to transforming user behavior into profit for any industry and for providing value.

Learn to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to become a unique part of your core capabilities, supporting your staff, improving company workflows, and ultimately benefitting consumers with personalized service, a white-glove treatment we have grown to expect.

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