Our iterative process includes discovery and a customer feedback loop for producing valuable insights and sets us apart from other AI companies. This process is based on our team’s combined decades of experience. Activities are performed within the context of our clients’ business objectives and culminate in our end-to-end AI solutions.

Companies at any stage in their AI journey can benefit from our solutions thanks to our flexible process.  Whether you have just begun to research your AI options, or already have a strategy in place, or even if you already have a team, working with us will speed time to delivery, save upfront costs, reduce risk, and deliver optimized results that make an immediate business impact.

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Analysis of existing data and associated

business goals, as well as your current

AI capabilities

Data Structuring


Data and data warehousing audit, labeling,

and organization



Proprietary AI techniques applied to your

data and tailored to the desired business

outcome or target


Complete solutions delivered as a Web

API to seamlessly integrate into your business


In a global survey of more than 3,000 executives, approximately 75% of participants said they believe AI holds the key to new business opportunities for their companies. Nearly 85% of respondents believe AI will give them a distinct competitive advantage in business. Yet, despite this excitement over AI’s potential, only one in five companies currently uses AI, and an astounding 60% of companies lack a strategy altogether.

Sloan Review, MIT

Challenges We Solve

What’s holding you back?

Adopting AI and integrating it into business processes can be daunting, especially if your company is new to the technology. AI requires experienced talent, strategic data infrastructure, and deep analytics expertise. Many executives are uncertain about the resources they’ll require to move forward with AI and unclear about practical issues such as budgeting.  This is where dedicated AI companies such as Dynam.AI can help.

We are home to a world-class team of data scientists from a wide range of disciplines including neuroscience, physics, machine learning, dynamical systems theory, and control theory.

Even if you have just begun to think about an AI strategy, we can help you evaluate and structure data for the greatest impact on your business.

Building advanced AI algorithms takes time.  Our proprietary algorithms and techniques are market proven and offer a fast track to solving problems.

Tailored AI solutions are available to our customers without the cost of building a team and an AI lab from scratch.

A unique approach among AI companies drives superior results.


78% accuracy in forecasting a click before an ad impression appears.

AI companies - a unique approach