Our AIaaS solutions help companies in all sectors address their greatest problems in a revolutionary light– using AI technology to look for patterns in data and predict future events.  It’s our superior prediction capability that allows our customers to work more intelligently, accelerating the pace of business and creating a real competitive advantage.

We deliver AI designed to augment the human workforce and promote a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines to achieve more than we ever have before. Companies from around the world that understand the inherent advantages of artificial intelligence will benefit from our solutions tailored to their business needs.

AI Technology Solutions Offered

1 Prediction & Forecasting

When success is dependent on your ability to accurately forecast things like the price of raw materials, consumer demand, or availability of skilled labor, our prediction & forecasting models can help you react to changes in your business’ landscape before those changes even happen – and before your competition.

Example Applications:

  • Inventory
  • Product pricing
  • Resource requirements
  • Raw materials costs
  • Customer conversions

2 Detection

Are equipment failures and maintenance costing you time, money, and customer satisfaction?  Do you operate a vehicle fleet as a core part of your business?  Or perhaps you are in charge of health and safety at a public institution.  If so, our detection algorithm can help you identify and remedy equipment maintenance needs or high risk behaviors in time to avert crisis.

Example Applications:

  • Machine failure and maintenance
  • Behavioral risk
  • Non-compliance behavior
  • Reinforcement identification

3 Recommendations

Consumer facing businesses often succeed or fail based on their ability to engage customers and fulfill their needs better than the competition.  Our recommendation engine can help you deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

Example Applications:

  • Incentive offers
  • Treatment and maintenance plans
  • HR management

4 Optimization

Optimization is all about matching a need with the right time, place, price, feature set, resources, or any combination of these.  Our optimization model analyzes multiple streams of data over time in order to pinpoint the most ideal scenario, whether you are managing a utility grid, or a stock portfolio, or choosing the location and design of the next tallest building in the world.

Example Applications:

  • Personalized content
  • Surveying and architecture
  • Utilities management
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Investment portfolios

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AI Technology Solutions


As leaders in time series data, our algorithms and techniques allow us to deliver unrivaled AI technology providing not only superior prediction accuracy but also the ability to fully explain why those predictions are made. Our algorithms and models are a highly specialized blend of techniques and approaches adopted from neuroscience, physics, machine learning, dynamical systems theory, and control theory.  Combined with our client-focused approach, this allows us to deliver unmatched performance.

Time series data techniques provide a 360-degree view allowing businesses to grasp past changes, actively monitor what’s happening in the present, and predict how things may occur in the future.

Deep neural nets use more complex variables and represent a more accurate description of systems than other deep nets.

Counter to the typical black-box AI solutions, our explainable AI allows users to understand the AI’s logic, increasing confidence in the recommendations produced.

Our approach to neural nets enables our algorithms to exhibit constant self-improvement and superior agility to adjust to ever changing real-world dynamics.

We combine the best AI techniques available from across the industry with our own proprietary algorithms and methodologies, ensuring the most advanced solutions for our customers.

Case Study

Reducing Hospital Re-admission Rate

Hospitals around the United States struggle with preventing re-admits – when a patient has to return to the hospital within 30 days of being discharged for the same medical condition.  Re-admits are extremely costly for medical insurance carriers and patients.  In fact, Medicare charges hospitals a 3% penalty for re-admits, and in 2015, hospitals across the United States were fined $420 million in re-admission penalties.

In 2017, a major university hospital group looked to Dynam.AI data scientists to help them identify the variables causing re-admits and to predict the likelihood of a patient’s re-admission risk during the initial visiting.



We took into consideration various data sets, such as demographics or cause of the original visit to create a risk score for patients.  Staff assignment, performance, and work schedules were also built into the model. Additional data input variables included the total number of returning patients, total visits per year, age, ailments, triage code, facility, marital status, sex, type of accident, primary payer code, and various other factors when determining the best AI technology solution.  In total, over 62,000 patient visit records were included. Our solution was built with full data transparency to elevate the visibility of key factors causing re-admission and enable real-time decision making.


Our solution achieved 90% prediction accuracy for patient re-admits.  Armed with this predictability and visibility into factors closely related to re-admits, the hospitals were able to make changes that resulted in a 30% reduction in re-admission and savings of $20 million in fines for the university hospital group.