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Our Team

Over 100 years of combined expertise implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning projects for clients.  Our data scientists and machine learning engineers are AI experts in Physics, Statistics, Information Systems, Neuroscience and Computer Science.

We are published authors, inventors, and public speakers and have over 165 peer-reviewed publications and 13+ US patents. We are well versed in the regulatory pathways and requirements associated with US Government Security, SEC, and FDA. Our team has worked on groundbreaking industry solutions in both the public and private sectors. Our best-in-class team attracts enterprises that seek high-performance results.

Diana Shapiro

Chief Executive Officer

Dimitry Fisher

Chief AI & Data Science Officer

Josh Jacobson

Chief Technology Officer

Mike Luther

Chief Finance Officer

Vanessa Walker

Marketing Director

Ari Saul

Human Resources Director

Natalia Trifonova

AI Scientist

Yang Zhong

CVML Researcher

Johnathan Skeete

Machine Learning Software Architect

Zehui Gao

Intern Algorithm Scientist

David Fisher

Machine Learning Intern

Andreas Roell

Co-Founder & Chairman

Navid Alipour

Co-Founder & Board Member

Homa Karimabadi

Co-Founder & Board Member

Dale Brown

Advisory Board Member

Mike Shambach

Advisory Board Member

Stath Karras

Advisory Board Member

Michael J. Sikorsky

Advisory Board Member

Juergen Stark

Advisory Board Member

Our People