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Dynam.AI provides businesses across the globe with physics-guided AI solutions to solve their most complex problems. And part of our solution offerings involves tailoring our services to fit your needs to ensure that you get the most out of your data.

AI Assessment | Consultation

This is a consultative approach that helps key leadership figure out what data is available to accomplish the analytics they would like to uncover. A structured approach where our business strategy team goes through a workshop process, in addition to market research to provide a tangible recommendation on specific data use options and your organizations’ viability to execute against it. This is typically a 2-3 week process. We have an expanded version that includes a financial modeling exercise that would add another 1-2 weeks.

Machine Learning Feasibility Analysis

A structured approach where our data scientists and machine learning computer engineers perform a rigorous discovery process that ends in an executable development and deployment project plan and roadmap.  This is typically a 4-week process and requires a sample data set and discussions with all stakeholders. 

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  • Data Preparation – We give your data the works and do cleanup, labeling, augmentation, embedding, and pre-filtering to create a feasibility roadmap.

  • Data Cleanup
    We detect the data that is not properly formatted, has results out of possible range, etc

    Data Set Labeling
    For supervised learning, models need labeled data in order to be trained

    Data Augmentation
    We create additional synthetic data from the existing data set, for the network to train on

    Data Embeddings
    We convert non-numerical data to numerical appropriately, for the network to train on such (i.e. image annotations)

    Data Pre-filtering
    We pre-process your images for the network to train on via our growing filter library

  • Feature Selection & Application: After data prep, we assess what can be derived from your data and see how we can optimize it.

  • Feature Extraction
    Unsupervised analysis of images (and metadata, if applicable) to extract/ learn useful features; standard and custom methods available

    Feature Engineering
    Human-in-the-loop generation of useful features from images and metadata

    Data Visualization
    Visualizing the training data in terms of its features

    Image Data Manipulation
    Alignment, stitching, warping/de-warping, etc. some use-cases are general (e.g. alignment), some very specific (e.g. highlight veins in a leaf)

    Dimensionality Reduction
    Reducing the list of features to only include the useful ones for the network to train on; standard and Dynam.AI proprietary algorithms.

  • AI Model Development & Training: This is where the fun begins, and we add our secret sauce to prepare for the Physics guided AI magic.

  • AI Implementation Strategy
    Creating a pipeline or pipeline for data manipulation and solution training provides an end-to-end solution for our clients

    Custom multistage ML/AI pipelines
    We can address problems that require complex, multi-stage data processing and inference pipelines.

    AI Model Development
    Combining unsupervised, semisupervised, supervised ML models, data augmentation approaches, custom objectives, etc. to provide best solution for the client

    AI Model Training
    Using standard and custom techniques to optimize model performance

    AI Model Wrapping
    Implementing services around AI models so that they can be accessed by the rest of the software solution

  • Model Deployment & Solution Integration: We add a second batch of secret sauce to custom-tailor your application. This includes APIs, front-end interfaces, and packaging.

  • AI Model Deployment and Serving
    Operational integration of the models into the delivered solution; solution QA.

    Services Development
    Writing services and APIs around the AI we develop

    Interface Development
    Create front-end interfaces to the services we write

    Service Integration
    Work associated with versioning, packaging, and tying together everything

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