Dynam.AI has emerged from years of research and development by some of the most talented AI scientists on the planet paired with a visionary business team.  Together they recognized the potential for artificial intelligence to drive organizational efficiency and growth across industries. As a part of the Analytics Ventures ecosystem,  Dynam.AI has the  exclusive ability to offer customers proprietary AI algorithms and streamlined platforms which are tailored to each organization’s needs.

What drives us

We believe artificial intelligence will transform the way we live our lives more than any other technology revolution that has come before, and the symbiotic relationship between human intelligence and artificial intelligence will improve the lives of people worldwide.

How we work

We continually research and develop new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms and techniques rooted in time series data. When a client engages with us, these assets are quickly and affordably tailored into AI driven solutions that integrate with client business systems.

Markets we serve

Artificial intelligence can deliver break through benefits to any company, regardless of size, tenure, or industry. We are dedicated to using AI to enable organizations with unrivaled prediction accuracy, transforming their data into a valuable business asset. We serve companies from around the world that understand the inherent advantages of artificial intelligence and will benefit from our superior AI driven solutions tailored to their business needs.

Our Leadership Team


We have built a team of top AI talent from around the world, allowing companies to tap into an instant, all-star team of business, AI and data experts. Our team is nimble, allowing for ample flexibility to understand operations and business problems, and to quickly tailor our AI to your business’ evolving needs.

Andreas Roell


David Ferrell

Managing Director

Dimitry Fisher

Chief Scientist

Jack Boath

Business Development