We are solving the most complex computer vision challenges with the highest levels of precision and accuracy.

Dynam.AI is a new type of solution provider for all critical or complex artificial intelligence projects involving images. With a unique combination of world-class data scientists and our proprietary Vizlab™ deployment platform, we deliver client solutions in the most rapid, secure, and cost-effective way.

Gone are the days working with AI scientists that insist on starting from scratch or cannot tell you why an algorithmic model doesn’t work. With Dynam.AI you not only solve complex machine learning and visual image data problems, you also get the results in half the time and up to 60% lower cost.

Powered by Vizlab™

Our Vizlab™ platform increases application development speed and precision while reducing development costs by over 60%, allowing us to deploy highly accurate computer vision & machine learning solutions for complex problems.

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Areas of Impact

Explore a few of the many industries where Dynam.AI is driving success. Learn more about how we solve the most complex business challenges with image data and machine learning.

Medical Devices

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Life Sciences

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Computer Vision Projects

A Center of Excellence

Andreas Roell is also Managing Partner at Analytics Ventures, a Venture Formation Fund focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) at their core. Before joining Analytics Ventures, Mr. Roell established a track record of founding, building, and leading ventures to successful exits. In 2012, he co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of EGM Worldwide, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a leading Arabic video-on-demand platform acquired by Rotana Media Group in 2013. Before founding EGM Worldwide, Mr. Roell was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Geary Group, a global digital agency, the fourth largest independent search agency globally with offices in North America, Asia, Europe, and over 250 employees worldwide. The agency was acquired in 2012.

- Andreas Roell, Co-Founder and CEO

Homa Karimabadi, Ph.D., is a highly published author and international speaker with over 20 years of experience developing intelligent algorithms, supercomputing techniques, and strategic conception and planning. His work includes intelligent algorithms for petascale computing and knowledge discovery from Big Data with applications to healthcare analytics. Some of his accomplishments include developing the FDA’s first-ever approved AI decision support technology, allowing physicians to detect breast cancer in mammograms up to six years earlier than any other system. He has deployed for NASA the prediction and detection model for atmospheric risk related to solar wind turbulence and has worked with Intel on its chips.

- Dr. Homa Karimabadi, Co-Founder and Algorithm Scientist

Dimitry Fisher, Ph.D., leads the R&D team for Dynam.AI. Dr. Fisher joined Dynam.AI after a successful career with Brain Corporation, the only Computer Vision $1b+ organization in the world, where he led the development of large-scale emergent vision models, R&D of sensory-motor learning, and general learning and cognition algorithms for robots and AI and conducted research into fundamental computational algorithms of the brain cortex. Under his direction, the team at Dynam.AI, enabled by VizLab, is prepared to solve your most challenging and complex problems regardless of use case or industry.

- Dr. Dimitry Fisher, Chier Scientific Officer & Chier AI Officer

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