Our proprietary suite of solutions empowers companies in all sectors to conquer their greatest business problems with speed, power, and accuracy. We deliver AI enabled platforms that infuse businesses with cutting-edge AI technology and unlock a world of opportunity for elevated performance and growth. Whether a business is new to the world of AI or has existing experience, companies both big and small can benefit greatly from our advanced solutions custom tailored to their business needs.

AI Technology Solutions Offered

1 Detection and Analysis

Are equipment failures and maintenance costing you time, money, and customer satisfaction? Do you operate a vehicle fleet as a core part of your business? Or perhaps you are in charge of health and safety at a public institution. Our detection algorithm can help you identify and remedy equipment maintenance needs or high risk behaviors in time to avert crisis.  Quickly analyze still and video images to detect patterns and anomalies with pinpoint precision. Need more than what the standard off-the-shelf computer vision solutions offer?  Dynam.AI’s deep learning-based OCR solution goes a step beyond standard computer vision and enables work on “unseen” objects.

Auguste detection and analysis

Example Applications:

  • Object recognition
  • Monitoring & surveillance
  • Structural defect identification
  • Medical imaging classification
  • Motion sensing
  • Computer vision & OCR

2 Prediction and Forecasting

Gain the insights needed to react to changes in your business’ landscape before those changes even happen. When success is dependent on your ability to accurately forecast things like the price of raw materials, consumer demand, or availability of skilled labor, our prediction & forecasting models can help raise your bottom line.  Whether your data sets are limited or overwhelmingly complex, our state-of-the-art prediction and forecasting technology allow you to identify and analyze the most important events before they occur. Custom-tailored to your unique business needs, our AI-enabled solutions pair industry-leading accuracy with unparalleled agility to generate future insights about the data that matters to you most.

Scry prediction and forecasting

Example Applications:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Sales lead ranking
  • Buyer behavior analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • System failure forecasting
  • Financial trading

3 Yield Optimization

Optimization is all about matching a need with the critical time, place, price, feature set, resources, or any combination of these. Our optimization model analyzes multiple streams of data over time in order to pinpoint the most ideal scenario, whether you are managing a utility grid, or a stock portfolio, or choosing the location and design of the next tallest building in the world.  Equipped with the ability to seamlessly utilize both internal and external data sets, Dynam.AI leverages an expansive spectrum of inputs to give you the information you need to optimally allocate your resources. Integrated with your business process, our yield optimization solutions give you the power to maximize efficiency and grow your bottom line.

Ceres yield optimization

Example Applications:

  • Workflow & quality control
  • Asset portfolio
  • Inventory management
  • Operations streamlining
  • Pricing
  • Online Advertising

Challenges We Solve

What’s holding you back?

Realizing business value through AI technology requires experienced talent, strategic data infrastructure, and deep analytics expertise. Many executives are uncertain about the resources they’ll require to move forward with AI and unclear about practical issues such as budgeting. This is where dedicated AI companies such as Dynam.AI can help.

We are home to a world-class team of data scientists from a wide range of disciplines including neuroscience, physics, machine learning, dynamical systems theory, and control theory.

Even if you have just begun to think about an AI strategy, we can help you evaluate and structure data for the greatest impact on your business.

Building advanced AI algorithms takes time. Our proprietary algorithms and techniques are market proven and offer a fast track to solving problems.

Tailored AI solutions are available to our customers without the cost of building a team and an AI lab from scratch.

Additional Services We Offer

Adopting AI technology and integrating it into your business processes can be daunting, especially if your company is new to the space. Even for those with existing AI initiatives, most companies find themselves unable to fully maximize their initiatives and end up leaving value on the table. In addition to providing streamlined AI-enabled platforms, here at Dynam.AI we pride ourselves on helping companies transcend such roadblocks through our hands-on work in the following programs:

AI Workshops

AI Workshops:  A starting point for those interested in unlocking the power of AI technology. Our team of experts will work with you directly to pinpoint areas where AI will provide maximum benefit to your organization and create a concrete roadmap for how to proceed, including initiative specific education relating directly to AI technology and your company’s core needs.

AI Staff Augmentation

Consulting and Staff AugmentationFor those with existing AI initiatives. We offer targeted consulting and hands-on services that allow you to take advantage of our industry-leading expertise in order to level-up your existing initiatives and maximize results from an AI technology implementation. Combining your existing strategies with our custom-tailored insights, we’ll ensure that you maximize the value of your current initiatives and equip you with a forward-looking approach to ensures future success.

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AI Technology Solutions